Committee Descriptions

The West Charlotte High School National Alumni Association is looking for alumni to join committees that advance the specific goals of the organization. Below is a brief description of the mission of each of the current committees, along with the contact information for the committee chairs.


Ambassadors: The Ambassadors are authorized representatives of West Charlotte High School National Alumni Association, Inc., with residence at West Charlotte High School for special and temporary assignments to meet the needs of the school.

Volunteers: The committee encourages and leads active participation through the gifts of time and talent. Volunteering helps West Charlotte achieve its goals and better serve students, while also giving you a chance to give back to your alma mater and foster your Lion Pride alongside like-minded alums. Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to: proctoring end-of-term exams, judging graduation project presentations, mentoring, tutoring, participation in college and job fairs, leadership and professional development workshops, etc.


The mission of the Benevolence Committee is to extend understanding, sympathy, prayers, support, and services to members of the association who are ill, lose loved ones, or to the family of a deceased alumnus/alumna. All public actions of the Benevolence Committee must be done in consultation and with the consent of the family. The Benevolence Committee, as appropriate, will conduct or arrange family visitation, and also as appropriate, consult with family surrounding the role, if any, of the association’s participation (Organized Class and/or National) in the wake keeping, funeral service, or repast. The Benevolence Committee, with the specific permission of the family, will disseminate information about the death and funeral arrangements.

Benevolent Guidelines:

  1. A card (Get Well, Sympathy, Cheer, Thinking of You, etc) will be sent to all West Charlotte High School graduates and attendees and/or family members on the occasion of death, illness, hospitalization, surgery, etc. when and where known.
  2. Chairman of a committee or member attending meetings regularly and in good financial standing, when hospitalized, or there is bereavement in the immediate family (mother, father, husband, wife, child).  If it is determined that cash money is more practical than the equivalent of the above, an amount not to exceed thirty dollars ($30.00) for illness, or fifty dollars ($50.00) for death will be given.
  3. A floral expression will be sent to any West Charlotte High School faculty member (retired, former, or active) on the occasion of a death in an amount not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00).  A card will be sent on the occasion of illness, when, and where known.  Anything other than this will be discussed in the organization meeting and a decision made at that time.

Clinton L. Blake Endowment

The C. L. Blake Endowment Committee was formed to provide scholarship opportunities to worthy and needy West Charlotte High School students who choose to attend college or vocational school.  This committee oversees and manages finances for the Clinton L. Blake Scholarship which includes the checking account and the mutual fund account. Operating expenses are the responsibility of the general fund of WCHSNAA, Inc.

Additionally, the duties of this committee include the following:

  • to solicit continuing support to sustain the scholarship and endowment
  • to distribute scholarship funds to scholarship recipients upon approval of the C. L. Blake Scholarship Committee chairperson.
  • to pursue the overall goal for the endowment to become self-sustaining.
  • to maintain contact with the financial institution holding funds and the financial advisor of that institution to stay abreast of market trends and developments.

The mission of the committee is to provide a scholarship each year to a West Charlotte High School graduating senior who represents Professor Blake’s legacy of academic excellence.

All changes relevant to the operation and disbursement of funds from the committee must be approved by the Executive Board of the WCHSNAA, Inc.


The Communications Committee has primary responsibility for promoting the Association via the web and other marketing avenues, and to serve fellow alums by connecting with them and keeping them informed on current events at West Charlotte High School. Encourage the most current technology to provide an effective and efficient communication system.

  • Social Media Subcommittee: Work to increase student and alumni awareness of the alumni association, foster engagement on social media, and promote events, meetings, and programs sponsored by West Charlotte High School and the West Charlotte High School National Alumni Association. Expected to have an active presence on social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram).

Constitution & By-Laws

The committee reviews and considers amendments to the constitution and by-laws of the West Charlotte High School National Alumni Association in accordance with the provisions of articles XIII and XIV of the constitution.

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds affirmative vote of those present and voting at any session of the West Charlotte High School National Alumni Association, Inc., provided that the National Executive, in its sole discretion, shall have been deemed the proposed amendment appropriate as an amendment and provided that it shall have included in the call of the session together with the National Executive Board’s recommendation thereon.  An amendment to an amendment properly before any session of the West Charlotte High School National Alumni Association, Inc. may be made by a majority vote of those present and voting in accordance with the rules governing the session, provided the proposed amendment thereto does not alter the intent or increase the scope of the amendment acted upon by the National Executive Board.

A majority of persons voting present at meetings shall constitute a quorum.
1.  Ten (10) or more members shall constitute a quorum at any business meeting.
2.  A majority of persons present shall constitute a plurality vote.

Events and Activities

The Events and Activities Committee is responsible for assisting in the implementation and execution of events that foster the relationship between the organization and West Charlotte High School, including social, educational, and professional development activities held on campus, off-campus, and online. The committee helps to plan, coordinate and implement programs and/or events that will engage alumni and assist with the proposed agenda of the organization. 

The committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the annual Homecoming Tailgate and Alumni Night during basketball season.

  • Homecoming Tailgate subcommittee: Plans activities associated with the annual tailgate fundraiser. Committee duties include:
    • Develop a budget to cover the costs associated with the event
    • Plan menu and other tailgate initiatives
    • Recruit and assign volunteers for set up, break down, serving, etc.
    • Report plans and activities, and provide minutes of meetings to the executive board and general body
  • Alumni Night (Basketball Season) subcommittee

Fundraising & Special Projects

Committee Duties include:

  • Review all previous year’s fundraising activities and make recommendations for improvements for the new fiscal year.
  • Through the development of a fundraising plan, establish fundraising goals for the annual budget; regularly assess progress towards meeting those goals.
  • Develop an annual calendar for the committee’s activities, including critical dates, milestones, and required board actions.
  • Analyze relationships with current and prospective major donors and funders and develop individualized strategies to cultivate or strengthen those relationships.
  • Analyze relationships with current and prospective corporate sponsors, devise sponsorship packages, and work with the Executive Board to develop relationships.
  • Along with Executive Board, meet with current and prospective major donors and funders (foundations and corporations).
  • Tap respective networks for potential donors of money, time, and in-kind support.
  • Monitor & support fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.
  • Provide report out during General Body meetings.


Collects and preserves any and all data and records which pertain to the establishment, growth, and development of the Association. The committee will act as an auditor of the website in coordination with the Webmaster to ensure all information on the website is current and relevant. Organize and execute long-range historical projects. Administer annual West Charlotte High School Wall of Fame selection.

Maroon & Gold Ball

This committee functions as a steering committee in cooperation with the executive board of the West Charlotte High School National Alumni Association to plan and coordinate the annual Maroon & Gold Ball fundraising event.


The primary objective of the membership committee is to increase the enrollment of new members to participate in alumni activities. The committee also works to increase the number of alumni participating in the various committees that comprise the association.

The duties and responsibilities of the membership committee include but are  not limited to:

  1. Actively recruit new members and promote and encourage participation in the WCHSNAAI.
  2. Identify memberships to serve on WCHSNAAI committees.
  3. Recruit a member of each graduating class to serve as the contact for their class.
  4. Recruit active organized West Charlotte High School alumni classes.


Rational:  Membership into the National Alumni Association provides the following: 

A.  Entitlement to a Hospitality Suite at the Triennial Reunion or any other alumni event amenities.
B.  Receive newsletters upon receipt of individual yearly dues.
C.  Use of the Lion logo commissioned by the esteemed artist, Harvey Boyd, with established guidelines by the Executive Board of the WCHSNAA, Inc.
D. Use of bulk mailing


I. An organized class(es) of WCHS graduates or former students shall complete an application for membership and send it to the National Corresponding Secretary along with the joining fee

II. The Corresponding Secretary shall present application to the National Executive Board and Acceptance for membership shall be approved by the National Executive Board.

III. The organized class shall submit the completed application form with an attached list of its membership roster and one check for the total amount of required fees.

IV. Installation of newly organized classes shall be conducted by the National President or a designee.

V. After acceptance of membership, the organized class(es) shall receive a certificate of membership from the National, along with a handbook, current constitution, by-laws, and standing rules.

  1. Provide input/suggestions on how to increase membership to further support WCHSNAAI initiatives.
  2. Be able to answer questions regarding WCHSNAAI’s mission, objectives, and structure; Address questions and provide information regarding the membership (e.g. questions relating to dues, committees, etc.).
  3. Follow up with any potential members you contact to address questions, provide additional information, and help facilitate their joining WCHSNAAI.
  4. Provide input/suggestions to expand/improve services and add value to membership.
  5. Regularly review and evaluate the membership efforts of the committee and the association.
  6. Assess membership needs through instruments such as surveys and questionnaires or other methods suggested by the Board, and communicate the member’s issues, needs, and suggestions to the Board.


Actively pursues scholarship opportunities for West Charlotte High School students. Responsibilities also include but are not limited to: Attending committee meetings, reviewing current scholarship criteria, reviewing application materials, interviewing candidates, and identifying and selecting recipients.

  • C.L. Blake Scholarship

Sponsored by
The West Charlotte High School National Alumni Association, Incorporated

To provide scholarship opportunities to worthy and needy West Charlotte High School students who choose to attend College or Vocational School.

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Eligible students must have demonstrated financial need, as established by Alumni guidelines. The recipient will be chosen based on grades, essay, interview, parental income, institution cost, and (difficulty) of academic curriculum.
2. Eligible students must have maintained a 2.5 GPA or better average through their senior year, demonstrate college potential, and have a good citizenship record.
3. Eligible students must enroll in a degree or diploma program at an accredited college, university, or vocational school.
4. Additional consideration will be given to students who have participated in extracurricular activities, and have contributed services to their various communities, and/or demonstrated good work habits.

Procedure for Nomination and Selection
1. Complete the WCHSNAA Scholarship application.
2. Submit a typed essay of “What the WCHSNAA Scholarship Means To Me and My Future,” not to exceed two pages.
3. Provide three letters of recommendation (not relatives), not to exceed one page.
4. Provide a current copy of a transcript. (See guidance counselor).
5. Provide parents and applicants current Federal Income Tax Forms and other records of money earned.

Maintenance of Eligibility for Scholarships:
All students sponsored by the WCHSNAAI, Inc Scholarship Program are expected to do the following in order to maintain eligibility:
1. Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester or as a full-time student for 30 hours per week
2. Earn a GPA of 2.5 or better for each semester and an overall GPA of 2.5.
3. Successfully complete all credits taken per semester
4. Report GPA each semester to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson

If the student has difficulty fulfilling these requirements, he/she must discuss this with the scholarship committee and follow the recommendations of the committee in order to continue on a probationary scholarship.  In some cases, the student will be disqualified from continuing in the scholarship program until specific conditions have been fulfilled (i.e., improving GPA, successfully completing study skills workshops, etc.)

This criterion has been established to provide the scholars with the support and guidance that will enhance their academic success.  If there are any questions related to the criteria, the Scholarship chairperson should be contacted.

Length of Scholarship:
The C.L. Blake Scholarship is a $5000 scholarship awarded over a 4-year consecutive period. Provided eligibility requirements are met, the initial amount is $1700 to be divided into two (2) payments of $850 for each semester for the first and second years. The third and fourth year $800 will be divided into two payments of $400 for each semester.

Triennial Reunion

This committee functions as a steering committee in cooperation with the executive board of the West Charlotte High School National Alumni Association to plan and coordinate the events of Triennial Reunion Weekend.

Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed, as needed, by the President

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Attend and actively participate in all committee meetings and conference calls
  • Follow through on all commitments made during the meetings as agreed
  • Share information about the committee’s activities with other Board members and as appropriate with other alumni.